🎞 Jan. 17, 2018 - New Features of Profit Dial

In today’s webinar Curtis demonstrates some new features of Profit Dial.


Q: Can you send out text with my personal mobile number?
A: 19:00

Q: Can you forward calls to a google voice number?
A: 19:30

Q: How did you open up the merge fields when sending out a text?
A: 20:00

Q: When you do a change in a flow e.g. text flow, does the change immediately applied to existing contact enrolled in that flow or only new ones? 
A: 29:00

Q: Are we able to store 2 addresses for Absentee owners within Property Pipeline Lead Sheet?
A: 34:30

Q:Will our ext from AMP transfer to Profit Dial?
A: 35:30

Q: Where is the landing page for Bird dogs in REI BlackBook?
A: 42:50

Q:How do I create an internal Landing Page to enter variety of lead types into the system selecting lead type at the top and setting off appropriate action set with appropriate email autoresponder, then create Client Genie contact record, then if seller lead just continue down the form to create property pipeline record for sellers and set off seller related action sets and to-do plans at the bottom of the form. 
A: 45:20

Q: How do I turn off automatic text responses? Also, how do I change them if I want to keep them on?
A: 49:30


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