🎞 Feb. 7, 2018 - Monitor Facebook Ads/AMP & Profit Dial

In today’s webinar Damon picks up where he left off on how to monitor and understand the different Facebook Ad Campaign.  Then Damon fields question that the audience had about AMP and Profit Dial.

? The phone number I from REI BlackBook can I port it to a device phone in future?


? What works best AMP or Profit Dial? What's the best strategy if marketing campaign is not email based but phone call based?


? I have a question about profit dial. I keep getting a message that looks like spam.


? Could you explain a little more in detail about the action sets in AMP and how they work if someone calls and is a possible distressed seller?


? Is there any way to get Facebook lead data into REI BlackBook?


? At the beginning of this session, you indicated you have a FB campaign that was active for a few days and then FB stopped it because your image for that campaign contained too many text/words (more than 20%). If could just showed that image with too many text/words that was disqualified by FB


This the correct link from FB to check the text percentage in an image: https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay

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