🎞 Feb. 14, 2018 - Web Form Opt-in to Profit Dial

In today’s webinar Damon discuss an enhanced integration feature to Opt-in leads into Profit Dial from a Web Form

Times of Different Questions Answered:

23:20 Explanation on what Opt-in does:

How did those 6 people Opted in?

35:13 Get authorization is needed for Profit Dial:

Do you need written authorization before sending voice mail or text to a recipient?

47:10 Stop the Flow for a Contact:

Is there a way to interrupt / pause / stop a flow for a contact?

47:50 Your new number is READY:

If I add a new number does it get activated immediately?

52:18 Understand why you will want many numbers:

Do you recommend different phone numbers for each adverting campaign? 


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