🎞 March 21, 2018 - Damon Back from Spring Break

Damon is back from Spring Break.  Today you all were rocking with questions.

? Is there a way to record a new greeting within Profit Dial like there is with AMP?


FIVERR will do a nice voice over

? Within Client Touch / Email Blast, what does the "Also send this email to the other contact" checkbox mean?


? Is it OK to rename pages on the website to make them SEO Friendly? 


? Is there a place to modify the email template used in creating property emails in property pipeline?  Where do you upload images etc. for backgrounds on Landing Pages?



? In site details, is there away to have different Site Details for the website created so the fields fill differently. Like one for KC and one for STL?


? I just started using the AMP feature of REI BlackBook and got as far as setting up the phone number, recording the greeting, and setting up the forward to number. Its all working smoothly but my next step is setting it up so I can call out from that number on my phone instead of it using my personal number as the dial out number. 


? What is the most effective way to do a Meta Description?


? Can we utilize "short codes" or "merge tags" in creating email templates and autoresponder series in REI BlackBook to auto populate with client information?


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