🎞 March 28, 2018 - A Different Type of Marketing Strategies

Damon starts with giving some marketing strategies.  How to generate some leads and how to make money from dead leads.

Is there add a Phone Number to the top of a website, that if they are on a mobile phone just by clicking the number the phone will call it.


Is there a way to have different custom fields base on the Deal?


? How do I search for keywords that most people use locally to find a dentist? 


Helpful Tool:
SEM Rush

? Does the phone number you link to need to be a Google Voice Number? 


? So what do you do with that info? How do you use it? 


Helpful Tool:

? "We Buy Houses" is not a legally enforceable trademark. My attorney told me to tell him he tries to tell me I can't use it, to tell him he tries any stunts to tell him I'll sue him? 


Helpful Tool:
Help support Brad Chandler challenge the Trademark

? I tried setting up a text trigger but couldn't get it to work.  If it's possible to trigger a text notification from a webform from a Land Page could you show me?


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