🎞 April 11, 2018 - Schedule Stealth VM and Text messages

Damon starts with showing you how to schedule Stealth Voicemail (ringless voicemail) and Text messages.  

What skip tracing service do you use and recommend?? Im having trouble getting good numbers?


1) Datafinder: https://datafinder.com/
2) Audantic: https://audantic.com/
3) CDL Data: http://consumerdataleads.net/data-append-services/

What is the difference between the Red message icon and the Green icon?


Will there be away to get a notice on your phone when someone text you from profit dial?


How to setup a website?


Webinar Replay: Build Your Website in Minutes

How do we see who is in the "tagged group" that we select in the "send to a tagged group" drop down in the send text blast screen. Also, how can we add people into a tagged group manually there in profit dial?


Is there a way to see that the lead came in through profit dial? I didn't see profit dial listed under the source drop down?


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