🎞 May 16, 2018 - Build your own Cash Buyers Landing Page

Damon in this webinar builds a Cash Buyers Landing Page, and an enhancement to Conditional Action with the ability to add Flags.


? What is better segmenting by Zip Code vs County? 


? How do we stop asking for email and name? 


Followup Question:
What if we have it already from another web form or landing page? 

? When someone submits a form, is there a way to set up that they (the submitter) also receives an email or some other confirmation other than the pop up after they submit? 


Followup Question:
Where inside the builder are you able to send a confirmation email?

? When we choose inside we loose the red asterisk for REQUIRED. Is there a way to bring the red asterisk back with inside setting? 


? Can you use the same url on a new Landing Page that you open when they click the button to submit their web form? 


? Where does the value in "MultiLine Text" goes? as a "Note" as well"? 


? I noticed you had 3 authority websites. What are some reasons one might want more than one authority site? 


? Where is next bootcamp? What hotel will it be at?

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St Louis Union Station 

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