🎞 June 13, 2018 - Profit Dial - Understanding the compliance

In this webinar Damon discusses Profit Dial and proper compliance when using it to make contact.

? What is compliance if their number is advertised on craigslist or Zillow, newspaper?


? Another legal question,  Is there any legal drawbacks marketing other peoples properties nation wide?


? Will their be a way for us to move people through Profit Dial flows so that we can automate return calls after a specified delay? Currently we send out a stealth voicemail blast and no one enters a flow until they call back. I am looking to automate a return call to people who don't call me back.


? Was AMP (Auto Message Pro) designed to receive texts?


? Are we able to upload our own templates into the system for mail campaigns or contracts for our offers?


? In July will we be able to send ringless voicemail to multiple phone numbers for one contact? When and owner is skip traced we can receive up-to 5 numbers for one owner?


? After we use IFTTT to scrub craigslist, how do we get the results entered into property pipeline? Is there a way to automate that?


IFTTT (if this, then that)

? Does REI BlackBook integrate with Mojo Dialer?


? Can we use BSOW to advertise Lease option or Owner financing etc?



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