🎞 June 20, 2018 - Drew and Recia Davis - REIBB, VA's, and BSOW

Guest hosts Drew and Recia Davis talk VA's, BSOW, and applying REI Blackbook.

? A question about scarcity? How does it work that you and Rueben can market the same way ie BSOW (Bandit Sign on Wheels) and still make a living let alone teach it to new users and thus further ing competition?


? What was the most powerful tool in REI BlackBook that has worked the best for you?


? Do you use VA's ?


? Any Ideas on how to use REI BlackBook to enhance Owner financing strategies in multiple states?


? Drew and Recia, are you finding some of the follow-up email in the contents of REI BlackBook a little out of date? If so are you then re-writing them or just updating them t fit your business?


? How do manage/sort the priority with your contacts? i.e. where in client Genie to you have a view sorted with your higher leads?


? Can you recommend a good source for VA's?


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