🎞 July 25, 2018 - New Releases within Profit Dial

Curtis, one of the developers for REI BlackBook, talks about some new enhancements that have recently been released to Profit Dial.

? Are we were able to utilize the Wingding symbols within Profit Dial text editor? 


? I saw that we can now make outbound calls from Profit Dial, how can we choose the number we dial out with? 


? I have already purchased a corporate company domain with GoDaddy, can I migrate that domain to REI BlackBook? 


? Are those credits per minutes for outbound calls a per minutes or a fixed number? 


? Can we trigger action sets with Profit Dial? 


? Is there a way in the outbox for "Stealth Voicemail Blasts" to tag if the call was "sent" or if they "failed"? 


? Is there a way to copy a flow within Profit Dial? 



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