🎞 August 8, 2018 - How to convert callers into deals

Damon is back with Drew and Recia in this webinar to continue their series. Today we talk to them about conversions.  What do they do once that phone does ring or ding?

Recap what their three core Marketing Strategies  
1. Bandit Signs on Wheels (BSOW)
2. Targeted Direct Mail
3. Ringless Voicemail 

? What are Drew and Recia’s 15 questions?

? Are you putting Earnest Money Down (EMD) on all of your offers?

? Do the single property website still broadcast to multiple sites?

? When you send a seller a DocuSign contract, do the seller want to see every word on the contract or they just sign it without printing a contract?

? Do you use the Property Pipeline’s Property Blaster for your Rent-to-Own? 







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