🎞 August 15, 2018 -Grab Your Seller Lead Script

Damon is joined by pro real estate investors Drew and Recia as they walk through:

  • The exact script and REI BlackBook web form these REI pros use when talking to seller leads. (Plus a demo showing you how to build the landing page and form on your website)

  • The 3 tactics Drew and Recia use to get seller leads to pick up the phone and call.

  • The critical “Time Crunch” question that will tell you whether the seller is motivated.

? Could you give a sense what the incoming calls are like?

? Are you handling Investor leads differently?

? How could we build a similar landing page for our VA callers calling back into REI BlackBook after a blast campaign?

? Damon says "Time to Whiteboard this out"


? How does PatLive  log into REI BlackBook?

? The High Priority box on Recia's Todo says Normal.  Is there a way to change the task priority to be inline with the High Priority flag?


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