What Does The Forwarding Feature Of Call Flows Do?

There are many different features that can be used while setting up call flows. The Forwarding feature allows you to select where the call is forwarded when a customer calls in. Below is some more information about the forwarding feature, and how to set up a forward. 

1. When using the forwarding feature you will need to select a Destination Number. This is the number where the call will be forwarded to be answered when a customer calls in. 



2. After selecting a Destination Number you will need to select which number you'd like to display on the Caller ID when a customer calls in. The number can be the caller's phone number, or the Profit Dial number that was called. 



3. The next is to chose How long to wait if the destination doesn't answer before moving to the next step. This will be how long the phone will ring before the next step in the call flow is taken if the destination number doesn't answer the call. 



4. The final step is to select +Add Forwarding Branching. The forwarding branch can create further steps in the call flow that can help identify a caller, create follow-ups, or the next action you'd like to happen once the call has been answered or not answered. 




You have successfully set-up the forward feature of a call flow. If you have any questions or comments on any of the instructions above, please feel free to reach out to us at any time at support@reiblackbook.com

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