🎞 August 29, 2018 - Marketing, BSOW, and general Q/A Webinar

Even before this webinar ended participants were posting on Facebook that this was a great webinar.  In this webinar Damon, Drew and Recia answered just a wide range of questions.   

? How long did it take for you to get 30 Bandit Sign on Wheels (BSOW ) cars on the road?

? Do you recommend using BSOW outside of your local market, say in another state from where you are?

? Startup Question: What is your cost to implement your system with my company?

? What population density are you using BSOW?

? I'm planning to run BSOW in LA & Orange county in California, but I'm curious why nobody's doing that here. Do you have any insights why BSOW might not work in some markets?

? Since AMP is coming to an end, how are you guys using the Bandit Signs?

? Will the current functionality in Profit Dial be available for AMP process flow when you move it over to Profit Dial (text messaging, etc.) ?

? What’s new that has come out? Just a taste, or its on way!

? Today from Facebook we had some ask how Drew and Recia were able create those FAQ section on the form? 

? Are you using CallRail with your system or does Profit Dial just look like CallRail?

? How do I change where my website is being showed?? I’m getting out of the country sellers?

? Can you guys recommend some websites or Landing Page you built or notice for newbie like me to build a better page for my business?

? Are we allow to use. “Web Buy Houses” now?

? Do we have testimonial we can insert in our campaign?

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