Create a Workflow

In this article we will show you the basics of creating a workflow in REI BlackBook. 

  1. From the main menu, click MarketingWorkflows 

  2. Once in workflows, click Add New WorkflowScreen_Shot_2018-11-20_at_11.43.30_AM.png

  3. Name your Workflow in the top bar of the Workflow Builder.

  4. Add as many or as few action modules to the Workflow as desired

  5. For each modules, fill out the required fields (these will vary depending on the module)Screen_Shot_2018-11-20_at_1.01.21_PM.png

  6. If you would like to add an additional action module above an existing action module in the Workflow, you can do so by clicking Insert Step above the existing module.

  7. Once complete, please be sure to click Save or Save and Close to exit the Workflow builder  



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