🎞 Oct 10, 2018 - REI Tough Decisions - Evicting a Tenant

In today's webinar we discuss that Real Estate Investment is not always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes touch decisions need to be made, like evicting a tenant for failure to pay rent.

? Please speak on what you have experienced with buying land, and establishing a Mobile Home Park. Would love to do this in NC in the future.

? Market is flat and more downwards, I see more buy holds units in CA, more then flips. Is it same in MI and AZ?

? So are you guys doing same or more volume as year or 2 yr before in AZ? Specifically in Units not Single Family Residents.

? Have you done any Tiny Home community buying and Selling. Ie multi unit Tiny home community?

? I am getting ready to sit down at Grandma's table and try and figure out a deal. Could use some help in structuring ideas. It is a $250K Commercial/Residential 4 bed 2 bath needs $50K in repairs. I am familiar with Lease Options but it is not rentable at the moment. Been sitting empty for over a year. Owned outright, I believe. Deal structuring thoughts?

? When talking to a particular seller do you prefer the woman to talk to them or the men?

? What are the 3 marketing systems that I can apply from REI BlackBook to generate leads?

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