Add a File to Contact Record

Easily save contact related files directly to a contact record by following the simple steps below...

  1. From the main menu, click Contacts

  2. Select the contact that you would like to add a File to by clicking on their highlight name in the contact list Screenshot_2018-11-19_15.07.53.png

  3. Once in the contact's profile, click the Actions button and select Add a File from the optionsScreenshot_2018-11-19_15.09.41.png

  4. In the Add a File popup select UploadScreenshot_2018-11-19_15.11.39.png

  5. Next, click Choose FilesScreenshot_2018-11-19_15.12.10.png

  6. You will next be prompted to select a file from your computer. Once selected, click Open Screenshot_2018-11-19_15.12.53.png

  7. Confirm the file name appears correct and click SaveScreenshot_2018-11-19_15.14.28.png

  8. At this stage the file has been added to the contact record. You can review in the Add a File popup and click "X" when you are finished Screenshot_2018-11-19_15.14.25.png

  9. (Optional) Review Recent Activity in the contact's activity feed to see the added fileScreenshot_2018-11-19_15.15.13.png
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