How to Manage Your Domain Renewal

By default, domains are set to automatically renew every year unless changed or if the credit card on file is declined or expires. A series of emails are sent to you a few weeks before your domain’s expiration date to give notice.

Please follow the steps below to either renew or cancel your domain name.

1. From your main Dashboard click Web Tools, and select Domains from the drop down menu as shown below. Step_1.png

2. Check the Auto Renew status of the domain. 

  • Remove Auto Renew: No further action is needed if you wish to retain ownership of the domain name. Your domain name will automatically renew on the date mentioned under Expire Date. Click on the Remove Auto Renew link to keep the domain name from automatically renewing.

  • Add Auto Renew: No further action is needed if you wish to terminate ownership or cancel your domain name. The domain name will automatically expire on the Expire Date. Click on the Add Auto Renew link to enable the auto renew function. This will allow your domain to renew on the date mentioned.


3. Alternately, you may also renew the domain name right away by sending a request to 


Note: When auto renewal is enabled the domain will renew as long as the card on file is updated. If you've missed your domain name renewal due to declined or expired credit card, please refer to this link to renew.




You now have successfully managed your domain renewal. If you have any questions or comments on any of the instructions above, please feel free to reach out to us at any time at

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