🎞 Oct 24, 2018 - REI BlackBook Connect


Damon introduces the revamped facebook page and encourages members to join. He also gives more information on who's going to be in the coming Boot Camp along with Drew and Recia.


? Does REI BlackBook have a Facebook page? 

? Are there going to be improvements to REI BlackBook's community? Or is the Facebook group going to supplement that in a way? 

? Can I get "more distressed" sellers if I find people that owe on property taxes/tickets/rental issues with the city, etc. How do you find info on properties that owe/are deficient in taxes or fines? 

? Are there plans to also integrate the rest of GSuite to REI BlackBook? 

? RESS has owners information such as pre-foreclosure, foreclosures, vacant properties, high equity, etc. Is there a way to print out the contact information for the potential motivated sellers and then plug it into REI BlackBook to start sending campaign info to the homes? 

? Are there more task templates available? 

? How is the creation of an internal landing page different from n external landing page? 

? How do you stop the "Due on Sale" clause? 

? Is the servicing company an escrow account? Or is there something more specific that you use to service the loan? What type of fees do you typically have?

? Do you use contract for Deed? 

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