🎞 Dec 05, 2018 - 2018 Wins Recap

Webinar starts off with a recap of 2018 wins and how important it is to look back at the things accomplished in the year. Damon also discussed more on what to expect from the upcoming RVM workshop. 

? How will the live event Ringless Voicemail workshop be different than on-line?

? I've been doing Google PPC since June and each month since, impressions has been going down. Is this normal for low people searching to sell this of year?

? Is Traction geared more towards mid to large scale operation? 

? I'm starting to market to Probate, what court filing types should I be looking for?

? How will the Accelerator office hours work for those of us who are doing it online?

? Is there any other expenses outside of REIBB costs after RVM is set up and operational?

? How would I get the phone list? Should I have this ready before hand?

? Is it safe to say that RVM is immediate response? Direct Mail is days to weeks of response and BSOW is a slow growth with a 3-6 months ramp up in response.



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