🎞 Nov 28, 2018 - Introducing the New REIBB User Interface

In this webinar, Damon, Drew and Recia shares the challenges that investors face. Damon also shows the updates made on the user interface in REI BlackBook. 

? Why do you think you are seeing many evictions? Are other investors experiencing the same right now?

? Do you deduct the amount you spent in cleaning the bathroom from the deposit money?

? REI BlackBook interface update

? Do you know about BombBomb, and are you planning any kind of integration with them?

? Is there somewhere in the site that shows the plans and the cost of each plan?

? If Client Genie and AMP is going, do I need to change my plan/cost to get Contacts and Profit Dial?

? Do users get upgraded to the new system automatically?

? What is the difference in Profit Dial features between the yearly license and upgrading to the small business plan?

? Will BSOW work with conversion like it does now?

? Ringless Voicemail Event date

? How to sign up for Accelerator



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