🎞 Dec 12, 2018 - Profit Dial and Ringless Voice Mail

In this webinar, Damon talks about the difference between Ringless Voicemail and Profit Dial.  The importance of automation in business and everyday life were also discussed.

? With my current AMP setup, what is the easiest way to transfer this setup to Profit Dial?

? When a call comes in to Profit Dial and gets forwarded, does the talk time after it was transferred get counted as part of the minutes allotment? Or do the minutes before the transfer count as part of the allotted minutes?

? Where does Drew and Recia get their list?

? What is the difference between work flow and call flow Ringless Voice Mail option? 

? Is Ringless Voice Mail included in Solopreneur?

? In Profit Dial, is there an advantage to adding a default name to new contacts when you don't know their name yet?


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