How Do I Upgrade My Account?

As your business starts to grow you will start to notice that the needs of your business will start to change. You may need additional websites, or logins for new team members. REI BlackBook offers three different subscription plans to grow with your business, and you can upgrade your subscription at anytime directly inside your REI BlackBook account. To upgrade your account please follow the instructions below. 

  1. From the main dashboard, click on your Name in the upper right hand corner, and click on the Upgrade button next to your current subscription plan. 
  2. You will then be taken to the upgrade page, and from this page you can review the different subscription plans offered. The different subscriptions plans offered are as follows:
    1. Solopreneur: This subscription plan is our most basic plan, and is great for someone who is just starting out in real estate investing. 
    2. Small Business: This is our intermediate subscription plan, and is great for an investor who business and team are growing. It offers more features than the Solopreneur subscription plan does. 
    3. Accelerator: This is a brand new subscription plan. The Accelerator subscription plan expands on the current Small Business plan by adding larger quantities of the features users receive in the current Small Business package. This subscription plan also includes access to all previous Accelerators, as well as all future Accelerators. The access to all the Accelerators is included in the monthly subscription fee. 

  3. After reviewing the different subscription plans, and making a selection you will hit the Upgrade Plan button to upgrade to the subscription plan of your choice. Note: We offer monthly and annual plans, so make sure you have clicked on Monthly or Annually to ensure you are upgrading to the correct subscription plan. Monthly subscription plans will be billed every 30 days, and Annual subscription plans will be billed once a year, and you will pay for the entire year at the time of upgrade. 

  4. After clicking the Upgrade Plan button you will be taken to the shopping cart. Review the following details in the shopping cart (Please Note: The amounts in the screenshot below are using dummy data and may not match up exactly with the amounts you see in your account. Also the screen will be different if you selected an annual plan. You will still see the total you'll be charge the day you upgrade, and the prorated amount. Since there isn't a monthly charge for an annual plan you will not se the next billing date, or the regular monthly charge.)
    1. Prorated Discount - Because the monthly billing date for your subscription will not change, a discount will be calculated depending on how far into the current billing cycle you are
    2. Next Billing Date - The next scheduled date you will be billed on for your subscription.  
    3. Regular Monthly Charge - The amount you will be charged monthly for your subscription.  This amount  you will be charged on your next billing date and all following billing dates
    4. Today's Charge - The regular monthly charge minus the prorated discount for this  billing cycle.  This is what you will be charged Today

  5. Click the Proceed to Checkout button when are you done reviewing the information in the shopping cart. 
  6. Select which card you'd like to use from the drop down menu located under Select Card on File, and check the Agree To Terms checkbox and click Confirm Order to complete the upgrade. Note: If you would like to use a different card than what's currently on file you will need to select +Add a Credit Card under the drop down menu, and enter in the information for the new card. 

The additional features from your upgrade will automatically be added to your account after you confirm your order. If you have any questions about the different subscription plans or any questions about how to upgrade your account please contact us at

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