Upgrade Your Account

  1. From the main menu, click your Name > Upgrade button in the dropdown menu
  2. Review the feature comparisons and click Upgrade under the plan you would like to upgrade to

  3. Review the following details in the shopping cart (Please Note: The amounts in the screenshot below are using dummy data and may not match up exactly with the amounts you see in your account)
    1. Prorated Discount - Because the monthly billing date for your subscription will not change, a discount will be calculated depending on how far into the current billing cycle you are
    2. Next Billing Date - The next scheduled date you will be billed on for your subscription  
    3. Regular Monthly Charge - The amount you will be charged monthly for your subscription.  This amount  you will be charged on your next billing date and all following billing dates
    4. Today's Charge - The regular monthly charge minus the prorated discount for this  billing cycle.  This is what you will be charged Today

  4. Click Proceed to Checkout

  5. Check the Agree To Terms checkbox and click Confirm Order to complete the upgrade

  6. The additional features from your upgrade will automatically be added to your account
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