🎞 Jan 30, 2019 - Marketing Strategies

In today's webinar, Damon, Drew and Recia discusses marketing strategies they use on top of Ringless Voice Mail.

? Is there a way to access Accelerator if we did not sign up for it?

? How do I keep my list updated for changes in ownership for property or change of phone number of the owner?

? My AMP number has been ported to Profit Dial, it's not texting me anymore. Is there any way to get that feature back?

? I am in Kansas which has laws making it hard/impossible to get lists for marketing. Without being able to purchase lists for leads, is the RVM pointless for me?

? What's the FSBO owner lead website?

? What was the name of the data source Damon recommended in the RVM Accelerator?

? Tips for getting lists from title companies.

? Are commercial properties included in the comps of REIBB?


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