Managing Your Contacts

Now that you have Contacts in your in your account, you can now manage the contacts and keep them organized.

Add a tag: You can add a tag to a contact by going to the contact record and click the Tag button on the far right panel.



This will open your list of tags where you can apply a single tag or multiple tags. Choose the tag(s) that apply to the contact and click Add a Tag. Click HERE to learn more about Tags.


Edit a Contact:

Within a contact record, click the "edit" button.



Edit the information in the contact record and click Save Profile. To learn more about editing contacts please visit HERE.



Add A Tab:

Adding tabs a great way to manage contacts, stay informed, and keep them organized. Click the Add Tab button in a contact record to open your Tab dropdown. Choose the appropriate tab(s) and click Add Tab. Click HERE for information.


Call A Contact:

Call a contact directly from your REI BlackBook account using your Profit Dial number. Open the contact record and on the right side of the page click the phone number. The Call Now popup will appear. Click the Call Now button and the system will connect the call with you and your contact!


Send An Email To A Contact:

Open the contact record and click on the contact's email address. From here you can choose to Send New Email or Use a Template.


If you don't have a template, click Send New to open the email portal. Choose a Marketing Profile from the dropdown, enter a Subject, and began writing your email. When finished, click send.


Click Use Template if you have a pre-written email and send to the contact. Be sure to choose the correct Marketing Profile.


Add A New Property to Contact:

Open a contact record and click Properties on the right side of the page.


Add New Property, enter the contact's roll, and enter the information about the property. Then click the save button.




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