🎞 Feb 06, 2019 - Advice for New Members

In today's webinar, Damon re-introduces the Ringless Voicemail Accelerator for those who are new in the call. Damon, Drew and Recia give advice on how to get your own quality list.

? Any tips on some good lists/suppliers to use? 

? Not what to do but when, why do we need to set up our website, email and phone system before we even know what to do?

? What causes RVM failed calls? How do I delete the failed numbers in mass but not delete the entire contact?

? When using a form on our webpage for prequalify leads, is it possible to give points based on what they answer to our questions then summarize?

? When you talk about an internal landing page, is it a webpage with a webform whose URL is just not put out there? Or is it actually internal (the admin would have to login to REIBB)?

? What is Fiverr and SEO?


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