▶️ How To Add A Light Box?

A Light Box is a way for you to add additional visuals to your website. You can add additional pictures, or a video, and the way your visitors can access the additional visuals is through a trigger. The trigger can be a button, or an image, and once they click on the trigger they'll access the additional visual. Follow the instructions below to add a light box to a page on your website.


You may also follow these Step by Step instructions below to add a Light Box to a page on your website.

  1. From your account's Dashboard, click on Webtools and select Websites.

  2. Click on the SiteBuilder button of the website that you want to edit.
  3. Navigate to the location on your website where you want to add this module to. On the top menu bar click on EditPage.
  4. Click on the AddContent button.
  5. Select AdvancedModules then drag and drop the Light Box module to the desired location on your page where you want the light box to be.
  6. This will open the Light BoxSettings. Under the GeneralTab, the following can be customized:


    • Trigger Type - select from Button or Image
    • Button Text - type in the button's label
    • Button Style - customize the appearance of the button by adjusting the color, size, padding, etc.
      *Note: When Image trigger type is selected, you will have a link to select the image and option to adjust image width.
  7. Under the Content Tab, update the following:



    • Content Type - type in the Light Box header and choose the Content Type (Video, Photo Gallery, Custom)
    • Video Content - copy and paste the embed code on the space provided and select whether to put the text below the video or not.
    • Photo Content - click on the link to create a Photo Gallery, select to show Captions and Text below the Gallery or not.
    • Custom Content - type in the content on the text editor provided
      *Note: Photo, Video and Custom content fields appear based on what content type you choose.
  8. Once you're done customizing the Light Box module, click on the Save button.

  9. Click on Done and PublishChanges.



You have now added a light box to your website. If you have any questions or comments on any of the instructions above, please feel free to reach out to us at any time at support@reiblackbook.com

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