Converting Multi Landing Pages into a Website and Why?

If you would like to send an lead to multiple landing pages and keep the same domain name, you might want to consider converting those landing page into a multi-page website. This might take some time to setup but once it's done, you won't have to do this again.

To build a website using multiple landing pages, you would want to have your content or landing pages built first.

Then go to Web Tools, click Websites and + Create New Site.


From the list of Website Content to choose from, click the Blank Site template.


Click the Yes! Let's Do It! button to began building your site.


Now that the blank site is built, click the Site Builder to add content to your site.


Start editing your web page by clicking Edit Page.


Go to Page Settings and choose the Template: No Header/Footer.


Click Edit to start adding content to the website.


Now Add Content:


Please go HERE for more information on How To Use the Page Builder.


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