🎞 Mar 27, 2019 - Avoid Getting Blacklisted with RVM

Damon is back with Drew and Recia for this week's webinar as they talk about the legal concerns surrounding Ringless Voice Mail.

? How concerned are you about sending out ringless voicemails to people who haven't "opted in" and getting in trouble? This is a big deal for email and getting blacklisted as a spammer, is this the same for RVM? What are some simple ways we can safe guard ourselves against getting blacklisted with RVM?

? Where was the Independent Contractor Agreement from BSOW Office Hours call located? 

? Is there a training video on how to get on google maps?

? Does the domain need to be migrated to REI BlackBook from GoDaddy to start the website setup?

? Will the new Contact Manager work well with Land Flipping?





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