10 Step Guide to Building a Realtor Relationship

Brad talks about how to streamline your real estate investing business with 10 key questions on what to expect with a Real Estate agent meeting.

  1. Why do I need a Real Estate Agent? Can I do this without one?
  2. How do we know which Real Estate agent to choose?
  3. What qualifications are we looking for a Real Estate agent?
  4. What is my initial approach to get a meeting setup?
  5. What items need to be discussed at the Real Estate agent meeting once I get there?
  6. What are the key elements necessary to create a successful relationship with the Real Estate agent?
  7. How do I ensure that I'll leave with the exact data that I need?
  8. What if the agent isn't' willing to work with me?
  9. What if they fail to produce data for us in the proper format?
  10. How do I leave the Real Estate agent with them feeling confident that after our first meeting their time wasn't wasted and that you will be calling them back in the near future?
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