🎞 Apr 03, 2019 - Most Updated Comps Data

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On today's webinar, Damon reveals additional speakers that will be joining next week's BootCamp. Drew and Damon also discussed where one can find the updated comps data.

? Can we attend the BootCamp online?

? I created a landing page using an animated video. It explained how to stop other videos coming up but didn't address how to do it when you use an REIBB video.

? REI BlackBook elevator pitch, do I have time to fly there?

? I need a CRM for my RE business to keep in touch with my SOI, also need the program to market and touch new investor leads, does REI do both/all?

? Can we use REIBB to automate the rental applications? If so, how?

? How to connect your Craigslist campaign to my REIBB?

? How often are the Comps updated?

? I use RESS for my comps and property info, is there any need to continue to use RESS or does REIBB have the same options?

? How can I post the rental application on a web page where a potential tenant can fill out online and hit send?

? Is there a video on how to customize my import/mail fields? 


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