Contact's Activity Feed

The Contact's Activity Feed is a highly useful tab that shows you the history of communications with a contact. It includes information such as text message correspondence, ringless voicemails, calls, property assignments, tasks, and more.

Navigating to the Contact's Activity Feed

1. To see the activity feed for a contact click on Contacts



2. Choose the contact you would like to view



3. The Activity Feed appears below by default.





Every time an email is sent to a contact you will see it displayed in the activity feed. To see message they received simply click on 

• View the Email

You are able to see the exact email your contact received by clicking on the View Email link below.





• See if an Email Was Opened

You can also see if an email was delivered successfully and even if it was opened. To do so click on click on -View Details-



 • See the Template

If you would like to view the template that was used for the email simply click on the link next to Template Used.



Ringless Voicemails

Ringless Voicemail are shown and in addition to viewing the details and delivery status you can also play the voicemail itself by clicking on the Audio icon as seen below. 


Listen to the Voicemail

To hear the actual message that was sent to your contact simply click on the audio button as seen below:


Delivery Status

In many cases a ringless voicemail can fail to be delivered. For example this can happen if the recipient has a voicemail box that is full or not set up. In those cases the ringless voicemail icon will appear red in your activity feed as seen below:


• Seeing Delivery Details

To see the exact time the ringless voicemail was processed and delivered (or failed) just click on View Details



Text Messages

Any texting correspondence between you and the contact will be shown in the Activity Feed. 


• Seeing the Message

The actual content of the text message (for both incoming and outgoing texts) will appear right on the page as seen below:


• View Delivery Status

To see if your text was delivered successfully click on -View Details-


Here you will see all the steps the text message took on its journey from you to the recipient.

  • Text Processed: This is when it was created by Profit Dial
  • Text Sent: When it was released to go to the recipient
  • Text Delivered: If and when the text made it successfully to its intended destination number. 


Note in most cases all of these will happen almost instantaneously. However if you ever get a contact who says they did not receive a text from you, it is here that you can check if it was infact delivered successfully. 


Added Properties

Also on the Activity Feed will be any properties that are assigned to the specific contact. Among the information displayed are the property address along with beds, baths, square feet, as well as the source, status and deal type. 

• View the Property

To navigate the their property you can simply click on the Property Details link as seen below. This will open up the Property Pipeline.





Every task that is created for the contact will be shown in the activity feed. The information that is displayed includes:


  • Task: the name the task was given when it was created
  • Assigned To: Which team member needs to complete it
  • Due Date: When the task needs to be completed by
  • Task Type: Designates if the task is a call, email, letter, or miscellaneous item. 
  • Priority: How critical is the task to the efforts of the team. 


Outgoing Calls 

When you make an outgoing call to your contact with Profit Dial it will show up on the Activity Feed.

• Viewing Call Details

To see when the call started and ended simply click -View Details-



Under the activity history you can see when the call started and when it was completed as well as the duration. 



Incoming Calls 

When an incoming call comes into your Profit Dial, it will go into your Activity Feed history. 

• Viewing Call Details

To view the specifics of the incoming call just click on View DetailsScreen_Shot_2019-04-19_at_9.11.28_AM.png

Under the activity history you can see when the call started and when it was completed as well as the duration. 


Scheduled Activity

When a contact is secluded to receive marketing materials such an email, ringless voicemail, or text it will be shown here. You will also be able to see information specific to the activity. For example a ringless voicemail that us scheduled to go out can be listened to by clicking on the audio icon. Likewise a scheduled text will show the message and a scheduled email will provide a link to the message. 

• Viewing Details


This will open up a popup with information specific the the scheduled activity.  



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