🎞 May 01, 2019 - Turning Marketing Expense to Marketing Investment

In today's webinar, Damon discussed more about the new Campaign Tracking tool that is now available in REI BlackBook and what's coming up next for this new tool.


? On making marketing pages for a lease option to find tenant buyers, when and how to use Property Websites in the Property Pipeline vs. Landing Pages vs. posting on an authority site?

? What is included in my account?

? What is the difference between an Authority Site and the other sites?

? I have an existing website and a domain name, can I copy/import it into REI BlackBook?

? For tracking purposes, do I need different domain names for each website/landing pages?

? Marketing Expense vs Marketing Investment

? How do I use the Campaign Tracking tool with an RVM campaign? Can I embed tracking in a Work Flow or do I need to route them to my answering service and have tracking in my internal Landing Page?

? How do I track responses and then conversions?

? Does the website forwarding and masking work for PPC and Facebook Boost?

? Do you have to have your entity name in your domain name?



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