🎞 May 8, 2019 - Social Media Marketing vs Old School Marketing


In today's webinar, Damon, Drew, and Recia discusses the difference and advantages/disadvantages of using social media for marketing and using old school marketing. They also discussed on how to handle more aggressive responses from leads.

? When is the June webinar for sure? (Accelerator)

? What are your thoughts on about Instagram in our world and how to use it?

? I'm a new Elite user, is Accelerator an upgrade? I'm currently on Solopreneur

? I'm getting a lot of old school on cold calls with things like "send me something in writing" or "you called me what's your offer" followed by a hard approach. I handled it but how do handle these people and soften them up a bit that you're not a scam artist?

? Is the REI Playbook official and in the system?

? If I have a tight budget, what do you suggest I do now to get the business started and flowing until I get my cash flowing?

? Is the Accelerator only available live or can you stream it?


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