How to Change Your Domain Name Contact Information

Each domain has contact information attached to it, so that continued ownership can be ensured. There are many valid reasons to have accurate and up to date information such as being able to log in to the domain's backend and ensuring that you are personally contacted if the domain's ownership ever falls into dispute. 

For domain names purchased inside of REI BlackBook, changing the contact information is easy. 

1. From your main Dashboard, click on Web Tools and select Domains from the drop down menu.



2. Once you're on the Domains page click on the Actions Menu Icon and select Edit Info from the the drop down menu.



3. Update all of the contact information for your domain. Once you are done click Save.



Now your domain contact information is updated.


NOTE: If you have purchased Domain Privacy, it will restrict who will be able to see the information. In most cases this means that ICANN (the global organization who manages domains on the internet) and your domain host will be among the only entities who will know that you are the owner of the domain. This is useful because these are precisely the organizations who you would want to hear from if something happens regarding your domain. Not having privacy would make it available to anyone on the internet who does a whois search and as a result you might receive more spam marketing. 

NOTE: If your domain is managed elsewhere you will need to update your contact info by logging into the registrar. 


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