Masking the Short Links Created Using The Campaign Tracker

When you use the Campaign Tracking feature inside REI BlackBook unique short links are automatically generated for you to use in your marketing campaigns, so the leads you get from different marketing sources can be tracked back to the specific marketing source they came from. This unique short links aren't always easy to remember or visually appealing, so you can use a custom domain name to mask the unique short link. To mask the short links from the Campaign Tracker with a custom domain name, follow the instructions below. 


  1. From your account's Dashboard, click on Marketing and select Campaign Tracker from the drop down menu.

  2. On the Campaign Tracking screen click on the chain icon beside your Campaign's shortened link.

  3. A box will pop up after clicking on the chain icon, and this where you can assign a custom domain name. From the Marketing URL drop down menu, select the domain name you want to use. Note: You will need to purchase the domain before you're able to use the domain to mask the short link. 

  4. After you have selected the domain name you want to use click on the Update Domain button to save your changes.

The domain name you chose to use will show up instead of the short link that was generated, and you can use the domain when marketing instead of the short link, and the campaign tracker will still know which marketing source the lead came from. If you have any questions or concerns about the information above please contact us at  

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