Learn How REI BlackBook Can Help You Run Your Investing Business on Auto Pilot

You see most investors give up on old leads after a certain period of time since they didn't get a deal from them.

What most investors don't realize is the fortune is in the follow up, even with old dead leads.

Marcy Martinez is an investor who has figured this out, and has had success with turning old dead leads into deals she can close.

She simply created workflows inside her REI BlackBook account to automatically follow up with the old leads.

On this webinar you will learn:

  • How to use REI BlackBook Workflows to create an automated follow-up campaign that will turn your "no leads" into deals.
  • How Marcy Martinez used a simple workflow to close a deal that was previously marked "dead".
  • The simple text script that Marcy uses to follow up with sellers on autopilot.

...and much more!

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