My Account: Overview

Information about your REI BlackBook subscription can be found under My Account. To access the details of your subscription simply click on your Name and select My Account from the drop down menu.

Below are the different areas of the My Account page:

  1. Billing/Subscription Details

    1. Billing/Subscription Information
      1. Billing Address - address associated with the credit card on file.
      2. Default Card - future purchases will be automatically billed on this card unless otherwise stated under Credit Card Assignment. Learn how you can add a new credit card to your account by reviewing the article: How Do I Add A New Credit Card To My Account?
      3. Credit Card Assignment - if you have multiple credit cards on file and have multiple subscriptions (REIBB, domain name, equity analyzer, etc.), you can assign an item to the credit card you want the item to be billed to. 

      4. Subscription Information - you will find your subscription type, billing date, link to what's included in your subscription plan, and previous billing invoice on this section. Learn more about how to manage your additional product subscription by reviewing the article: Managing Additional Product Subscription

    2. REI BlackBook Add-Ons
      1. Phone System Usage - see how many phone numbers and phone credits you have. Learn more about how to purchase phone credits by reviewing the article: Why Am I Not Receiving Phone Calls On My REI BlackBook Number?
      2. Email Credit Usage - see your monthly email credit allowance and the remaining email credits on this section. To purchase additional email credits, follow the instructions in the article: How Can I Purchase Additional Products For My Account?
      3. Equity Analyzer - the link to add Equity Analyzer to your product subscription or if you already have subscribed to Equity Analyzer you will find your next billing date for Equity Analyzer in this section.
      4. Cancel Membership - learn more about managing your account subscription by reviewing the article: Managing Your Account Subscription
    3. Account Info

      User Information Description 
       Name  Account owner's name
       Login ID  Used to login into your account
       Contact Email  This email is used by the Support Team to communicate with you and vise versa
       Mobile Phone  Your personal mobile number, not used for any of your Marketing Tools
       Password  Used to log into your account
       Timezone  Set to the timezone in your location
      When you are finished you will to be sure to click the Update button. View this article to learn more on how to update your account details.

You now have an understanding about what details regarding your REI BlackBook subscription can be found under My Account. If you have any questions or concerns about the information above please contact us at

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