Contacts List: Overview

The Contact List is the heart and soul of your CRM (customer relationship management). This is the place for managing all of your company's relationships and interactions with potential clients and business partners. The Contact List helps you communicate with your company's relationships with individual or groups of people such as - Buyers, Sellers, Lease Prospects, Private Money Lenders, and more. To learn about the different areas of the Contact List read the article below. 

1. To access your Contact List click on Contacts from your main dashboard. 



2. Adding Contacts: There are several different ways to add contacts to your Contact List. You can add a contact manually, you can import contacts using CSV files, or using the webforms on your landing pages and websites. For more information about importing contacts please review the article: How To Import Contacts


3. Search/Filter Contacts: The search bar is an easy way to find contacts. Simply type in the name and the contact will be listed below. Filters are also a great way to sort or group contacts in your database. You can filter your contacts by name, tags, source, and much more. For more information on searching and filtering contacts, please review the article: How To Search/Filter Contacts in the Contact List


4. Performing Bulk Actions: If you segment your list with filtering, you may want to perform actions, such as sending an email, text, or ringless voicemail blast, for an entire group of contact all at once or on select certain contacts from that group. You'll do this using the Actions Tab. For more information on Performing Bulk Actions please review the article: Bulk Contact Actions.


5. Performing Actions to a Single Contact: From the Contact List, you can perform individual actions by either clicking the vertical 3 dots to change the opt in and out status, trigger a workflow, create a task, or delete the contact.


6. Ringless Voicemail Blast to Single Contact: You are able to send a Ringless Voicemail to a single contact by clicking on the "Stealth Man" icon. You can send the ringless voicemail immediately or schedule it for a later date. For more information on sending Ringless Voicemails please review the article: Generating Motivated Seller Leads


7. Text Blast to Single Contact: Send a text blast to a single contact by clicking the "Messaging" icon as shown below. You can send the text message immediately or schedule it for a later date. 


8. Related Property: If a contact has a related property to them, a house icon will appear in that contact's row in the contact list. When the house icon is clicked, all of the related properties and property roles will be displayed with links to navigate to those properties.


9. Tags: You are able to view tags from this screen, but depending on the size of your computer screen, and the number of tags in a contact some tags will collapse. This is indicated by an arrow next to the tag(s) - see image below. Tags can also be deleted from the contact from this screen as well. Screen_Shot_2019-07-11_at_4.10.01_PM.png

10. Email Address: You can send an email to the contact by clicking on an opted-in email address. You will have the option of using a Template or sending a New Email.


11. Phone Number: Call a contact by clicking on an opted-in phone number. This will open another screen to choose the Profit Dial number you would like to the receiver to see on their Caller ID. Then click Call Now to proceed with the call.


12. Opt-In Status: This is the place where you can see the opt-in status of your contacts. If there is a check mark next to phone or email, this indicates this contact is opted-in to receive communications from you. Contacts with the STOP icon indicates the contact is not opted-in or there is no phone number or email address in this contact record.


13. Name: This is where you would see the name of the contact. The names in your list of contacts are listed last name first. They are also defaulted to be listed as the most recent first, then in alphabetical order from A-Z or Z-A. Please NOTE: Contacts listed with the View | Assign Contact+ do not have a name associated to themYou would have to manually assign a name to this contact record.


If you have any questions or comments on any of the information above, please feel free to reach out to us at any time at 

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