Tips For Getting Started With REI BlackBook


“I just got REI BlackBook. What do I do now?”  

Welcome to REI BlackBook, the all-in-one marketing and business software solution. You now own a very powerful tool that will help you get leads and boost your business. Lets not waste any time and get started with launching your platform. This article is a guide on how to set up your REI BlackBook account to get the most out of it’s powerful tools. Once you complete all the steps you will have a website, landing page, domain name, branded email, and phone number and a basic understanding of the power of REI BlackBook.


A: Where to Start

Before we can create your websites and phone number it is important to launch your platform and learn a little bit about the power of REI BlackBook. 

Step 1: Log In

When you sign up we send you a welcome email with a link to log in. If you don’t see your email please check your spam folder. 

If you still did not receive an email you can contact us at However you still still might be able to log into your account. To log in you will simply go here

Your username is the email address we have on file for you and you can reset your password by following the steps shown here


Step 2: Watch the Jumpstart Videos

What? This short 4 part video series is designed to give you an overview of setting up your software.

 To watch the jumpstart videos click here


Step 3: Setup Your Marketing Profile

What? Your marketing profile is where you enter the contact information for you and your business.

Why? There are many places where you will want to display your name, email, phone number and other information so potential clients can contact you. Instead of writing them over and over again, do it once here and we will take care of the rest for you. You can even make one profile for your business and another for your personal information. You can change all of this and tailor it to specific cases later of course. 

 To see how to set up your Marketing Profile click here


B: Your Online Presence

Now that your software is up and running let us make a website, landing page, email, and phone number. 


Step 1: Create Your Website

What? This website will be a powerful and attractive tool featuring properties, contact forms, blog posts, mission statements, and a whole lot more. Thanks to REI BlackBook we will make it in less than 2 minutes.

Why? Not having a website means losing business. First impressions are important and having an online presence will not only give you credibility with clients you find off the web but will also give you a foothold into the vast internet market.

 To see how to launch your website click here 

Step 2: Create a Landing Page

What? A landing page (also known as a squeeze page) is a single-page website whose sole purpose is to capture leads by having visitors fill out a form.

Why? Getting new leads and contacts is a major part of any business, especially real estate. People are more likely to fill out your form if they are presented with a web page that asks them this directly, as opposed to navigating through a website to find one.

 To see how to create your landing page click here


Step 3: Get a Domain Name

What? A domain is a name for your website. Instead of a long link with random letters and numbers, you can assign a name to your website such as

Why? Not only is a domain name easier for your potential customers to remember but it also adds credibility to your website and landing page.

For instructions on how to purchase a domain click here.

Already own a domain through another registrar? Click here to see how to import it into REI BlackBook. 


Step 4: Set Up Email

What? Now that you have a domain name, you can set up a custom email to go with it for example

Why? Generic emails sent from REI BlackBook (such as Yahoo or Hotmail) are often blocked by spam filters. When someone fills out the form on your Website or Landing Page, REI automatically sends them tailor-made emails specifically targeting them with a well thought out strategy. It is a very powerful tool that saves you countless hours of work and more importantly can turn leads into deals. However, you need a custom email to make it work.

For step by step instructions on creating your email click here.  


Step 5: Get a Phone Number

What? With Profit Dial, you can have a phone number that automatically gives callers a pre-recorded voice message as well as forwards to your cell phone. 

Why? Having a 24 hour Real Estate Hotline people can call for information will give you their numbers so that you can follow up with these potential leads.

 To see how to set up a phone number click here


We know getting started out with REI BlackBook can be overwhelming, but follow the steps above, and you'll start off on the right foot. If you have any questions or concerns about the information above please contact us at




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