How to View Archived Calls, Voicemails, or Texts

After a call, text, or voicemail has been archived you may need to go back and review it for additional information, or a refresher on information you have already received. You can go back and review archived calls, texts, and voicemails when needed.  Follow the instructions below to view archived calls, voicemails, and texts.

  1. After logging into your REI BlackBook Account, from your account's Dashboard, click on Marketing and select Inbox from the drop down menu. 

  2. Once you are in the Profit Dial you will need to select from Calls, Voicemails, or Text to search for the archived messages. There are two ways to select between Calls, Voicemails, or TextsYou can select which type of communication you want to view from the Profit Dial sidebar by clicking on Calls, Voicemails, or Texts under Inbox. You can also select the type of communication by clicking on the icons at the top of the screen. To view Calls, click on the phone icon. To view Voicemails, click on the speaker icon. To view Texts click on the message icon. 
  3. To view archived messages you will need to change the filter in your Profit Dial inbox. To change the filter click on the funnel icon.
  4. On the Filters pop-up window, move the Display slider to Archived. To move the Display slider you will click the slider and it will move. 

  5. Click on Apply to apply this view to your Profit Dial inbox. 

  6. Your Inbox will now load the archived calls/voicemails/texts depending on which type of communication you are looking at.

Going back to view archived calls/voicemails/texts can be beneficial, and you now know how to view those archived messages. If you have any questions or concerns about the information above please reach out to us at

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