How to Export Contacts


There a many different reasons why may need to export your REI BlackBook contacts. You may need addresses to run a direct mail campaign, or you may need to skip trace a batch of contacts to gather more data on those contacts. Whatever the reason may be you can export your REI BlackBook contacts by saving them in a CSV file to your desktop. Standing for comma separated value, a CSV file is the standard way of saving data and can be opened by most applications such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.  This can be done in a few simple steps. 

  1. After logging into your REI BlackBook account, click on Contacts from your main Dashboard. 

  2. Once you are in the contact manager, you will search for the contacts you want to export, and you will need to select the box next to the contact(s) to export them. There are a couple different ways you can search for contacts. Follow the instructions in the article How To Search/Filter Contacts In The Contact ListNote: If you want to select all of your contacts you can click the top checkbox, and then the link that comes up asking if you want to select your entire contact list and not just the ones currently displayed on the page. 
  3. Once you have selected the contacts you'd like to export, click on Actions and then Export Contacts from the drop down menu.  

  4. Select the data fields you want to include in your export file. You may not want to include all the fields in the export because you may only need certain information for each contact. Once you are done selecting the fields you want to export click Export and Download .csv. Note: You can select all of the field by clicking Select All on the right hand side if you need all the fields. 

  5. After selecting the fields you want to export, click the Download File button to download the CSV file. 

  6. The file will now be saved to your downloads folder on your computer. Most browsers will show the file at the bottom of your window. 


NOTE: If your file is too large to download you will receive it through the email that is associated with your account. It will also be saved under your File Manager that can be found under System Settings.


You have now successfully exported your contacts. If you have any questions please contact us at  

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