🎞 Oct 2, 2019 - 10 Years of REI BlackBook

In today's webinar, Damon recalls how REI BlackBook started 10 years ago. Default phone number was also launched and the plans of updating Property Pipeline were also announced.

? What are your thoughts on Wholesaling being illegal in Illinois?

? Did the issue last week with selecting the phone number for ringless voicemails got resolved?

? Is this default number feature only for Facebook?

? Will there be an option to make a default call flow?

? How to setup GSuite?

? Is it possible to add an attachment to an email blast or would the email providers mark it as spam?

? Can a property status in the pipeline be automatically updated inside from a workflow?

? Is it possible to get text messages on my phone without having to go to the REIBB website?

? Is it possible to add 'Schedule Email' when looking at individual contact and send them email in the future?





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