🎞 Oct 30, 2019 - Business Insurance

In today's webinar, Damon brings in experts on how you can protect yourself and your business through insurance. Damon also shares a sneak peek of the Profit Drive app.

? Does an umbrella policy completely protect you when you have a business?

? How much life insurance should I put on myself to cover my business for my family when I pass?

? What happens if an owner accuses an REI of stealing while doing a home inspection. The owner prevails in court. What insurance protects the LLC?

? Can you give me an idea where I can get the insurance to cover a property being rehabbed? What is the difference between insurance needed to cover a rental or are they the same? Can I shop for this with an insurance broker?

? Fred's and Mike's contact information: www.crawfordbutz.com

? Profit Drive Sneak Peek

? Would Profit Drive work for Commercial Properties?

? Where do you get this app?

? Until it's integrated with REIBB, how do you suggest the process work with the App to REIBB until that occurs?

? What are the costs of skip tracing, postcards, etc? Or numbers included with certain levels of Blackbook?

? So any follow up would occur in REIBB (not Profit Drive), if I understand correctly?








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