🎞 Nov 20, 2019 - Profit Drive and Compliance

In today's webinar, Damon introduces Nate who is REI BlackBook's partner in Profit Drive. Damon also proceeded with last week's topic, compliance.

? I need a report of all leads that came from PPC and SEO, as well as any appointments, etc. from these leads, is there way of getting an actual report to print?

? Is there something similar to Send Out Cards integrated into REI BlackBook? 

? Are there any plans to duplicate AccuText? 

? Do you have any recommendations or resources to learn what to ask and/or how to identify those values in others?

? What about sending them our deal flyers from our property pipeline to absentee owners? will it be connected to our pipeline?

? If we have others driving for us, can we approve/disapprove before they send a postcard or is that on their dime? How does that part work?

? Will Profit Drive tie into the Property Finder portal?

? Is there going to be a tracking/reporting feature to determine if you paid the driver?

? Will it allow you to submit duplicate address?

? If we get a lead from facebook in a lead form, is that written consent to contact them by email and text workflows? 


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