Email Reporting

REI BlackBook has tools that allow you to see the success and status of the emails you send out. The email reporting tool lets you see what happens to the email you send and allows you to take many followup actions such as resending the emails, triggering workflows, or creating tasks depending on the status of the email. To see all of these tools follow the steps below. 

1. Click on Marketing and select to Outbox



2. Choose Email Blasts



 3. You can see statistics for both blasts that are scheduled and blasts that have already be sent. For this example click on the Sent tab to see past email blasts.




4. Here you will see all of the email blasts that have been sent out. This includes information on the number of recipients and who they were, which you can see by clicking on the numbers. To see the statistics of the entire blast click on Details



5. You have now opened up a comprehensive report on your email blast. Shown here are statistics on how many of your emails were delivered and opened. Also shown is how many of your emails were clicked on, how many people choose to unsubscribe, and how many were marked as spam. Say you want to resend the emails that were bounced...go to the next step to see how to filter the emails list and take an action on them. 


 6. Clicking on any of these numbers will reveal only those emails in the list below. You can then select all of the filtered emails by clicking on the checkbox.  



7. Once you have selected the emails you want, you can click on the Actions menu to take actions on the recipients such as triggering a workflow, adding a tag, sending another email blast, or canceling the email. 


8. For even more custom control you can click on the filter icon and then select a subset of the emails you wish to take an action on. 



9. From here you can filter by status (such as sent, delivered, failed and skipped among others) or events (bounced, opened, and clicked among others) to narrow your emails to the desired subset you would like to take an action on.



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