🎞 Jan 22, 2020 - Influence

In today's webinar, Damon with Drew and Recia shares how to choose the people that will influence you in all aspects of life. 

? When is profit drive up and running?

? Is there a way to sort contacts by created date? If not will this be implemented soon?

? Is the monthly fee for Profit Drive in addition to REIBB subscription fee?

? How will mailing work with Profit Drive?

? The new feature wireless carriers are introducing to screen out possible spam calls. I have Verizon Wireless and they just sent me a message saying, "Your phone is now enrolled in free spam protection. Our filter detects spam and blocks high-risk spam calls by forwarding to voicemail..." Do you know if this new filter picks up on RVMs or just robocalls?

? Is there a way to alternate tagging? Like first call raged A then following call auto tagged B the continued. Can this be auto done as they come in without anyone assisting it?

? When setting corporate structure for transactions, do you use one corporate umbrella for all transactions originally (e.g., wholesale, flips, hold and rent, etc.) then assign those transactions to other entities, as appropriate/ Yes, I have consulted an attorney/accountant. Just wondering what you have found to be the best structure and process for transactions.

? We’d like to schedule workflows ahead of time for a month so that we don’t have to trigger them manually each day. I know it’s possible to schedule a call flow like this with a delay…will it eventually be possible to do the same with workflows for RVM campaigns?

? When cards are mailed out are they post marked MO even though we're in another state?



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