🎞 Feb 05, 2020 - Dream Client

In today's webinar, Damon shares how to find your dream client.

? Do you have a good work flow built out for D4D leads? Also, when D4D and consistently adding new leads, how do you keep up with what step of mailer/marketing per leads?

? How can I further scrub it for code violations or tax delinquency for my county?

? Can you give an example of the web hook connection and what it would be good for and how it all works together?

? Are we going to be able to accept or reject properties coming in from our property Finders?

? Is Profit Drive going to sync better with REIBB? For example, will properties accepted go straight into REIBB with having to export?

? So for the drip campaign, you just put the address in and the direct mailers will send out for the next few weeks automatically?

? Can we find a way to pay property Finders thru there?

? Is the Open Records Request a list of people/ properties or is it specific set of information on a single property/ person?


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