🎞 Jan 29, 2020 - Do Not Call List

Damon discusses the importance of scrubbing your list to make sure that the numbers on the Do Not Call list is removed. 

? When is the estimated timeframe for the Profit Dial app?

? What's the best way to obtain the Do Not Call List and the best process to scrub our potential call list?

? How is driving for dollars an inbound marketing plan? Don’t you still need to look up the distressed property and ship trace and call?

? If we skip trace and stop out do not call, is that a good way to use profit dial, text blast or VM drops?

? What is the likelihood of REI Blackbook integrating with GSuite?

? At any point will REI Blackbook have a document signing feature? Similar to DocuSign or Adobe Sign?

? Is the Affiliate program up and running already?





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